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Woodstock Elopement

Close your eyes, Imagine walking into a small town square. The streets are brick and there's an opera house from 1889 still putting on productions. The stories that building could tell. A gazebo in the center of town, where yearly Woodstock Willy predicts early spring or late winter. Much like the storyline of the 1992 Groundhogs Day that was filmed here, the town square of Woodstock holds that nostalgic feeling that has you reminiscing of your happiest memories.

Stephanie and Ro decided on a small, intimate wedding ceremony at the Woodstock Courthouse. Together with a judge, witness, photographer, and their children, they joined their lives in love and became one family. After the ceremony we went to Woodstock Town Square for pictures. That's where the nostalgia set in.

In the end scene of Groundhog's Day Phil tells Rita he loves her after being stuck in a daily loop. They then live happily ever after. Watching Stephanie and Ro dance, laugh, kiss, and celebrate around town square filled my heart with so much love. It reminded me of my own wedding, and many others that I've captured. I like to call it the bubble. The moment after you've said "I do" you're in a love bubble. All the weight of planning and stress is gone. It's just you two and nothing else matters. It's a special feeling. One I hope all my couples hold on to for a lifetime. It's the best part of my job, I get to capture those memories so that all of you get to have a nostalgic feelings each time you see your photos.

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