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Tracey + Chris

All proposals are special but this one... it had all the feels.

Flashback for a moment to my childhood with my best friend - My best friend and I met when I was 6 HOURS old. She was 6 months. Our parents had been friends since their teen years and due to that I earned a second family early on in life. Lindsay, My bestie, has 3 siblings and I had a younger sister. When Lindsay's family extended over our 2:2 ratio my sister and I fought for who would tend to the new baby...I won and I got to look after baby Tracey...

Now here we are 27 years later....Tracey and I had talked about Chris being "the one". It wasn't until a few weeks later that he called and asked if I could capture the knee dropping moment that I realized they'd both met their match. Chris planned everything down to the second. He even drew me a map. They had plans to drive from Grand Rapids to his parents place in Indiana. From there they would take their dog for a walk at Coffee Creek. He'd pop the question on the bridge overlooking the reserve and water. A very calm, yet romantic proposal was the plan.

I arrived early so I could scout out my spot.... what was the best spot?....a single tree facing the bridge. I thought, "sure, I'm still young enough to climb a tree". I was wrong. After falling out ( a few times), gracefully of course, I positioned myself between the branches. I received the "60 seconds out" text and for no reason I found myself shaking the second I saw her.

Before my eye, through the lens, this beautiful grown women was in shock and awe, having the man she loves explain why life together would be a dream come true.

I flashed for a second to her curly hair, chubby cheeks, her love of reading EVERYTHING, sitting by the pool reading the newest Harry Potter book after grabbing it at midnight, taking her to buy makeup at clinque, and so many more memories.

As tears of happiness streamed down my face Chris pointed me out to Trace. Then tears strolled down both our faces.

Being a part of this experience was one memory I'll hold onto for a lifetime and I can't wait to watch all of the adventures these two will take together!

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