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The Siebenmarks

Who remembers watching Cinderella as a little girl? Waking to birds singing and dancing, getting dressed in a white gown to attend a ball where there is a prince charming…I don’t know about you but every single time that I watched Cinderella, I believed that this is how my wedding morning should be, how every woman's wedding morning should be like. On the morning of May, 27 2023, I woke and made the drive to Buchanan, Michigan and walked into a bridal suite full of all the Cinderella dreams.

  Now, I fully anticipated a day full of shenanigans out of this bunch but what I wasn’t expecting the roaring crowd that greeted me upon parking my vehicle. The Groom,Groomsmen, Groom’s father…or as I call them, the peanut gallery. 

The groom’s father and mine served as police officers for the same department in the late 80’s to early 90’s together. Naturally that made us all family, we all understood this lifestyle together. Our mother’s supported one another and our fathers protected one another, while us kids, well, we supported, loved, and protected one another. Us four kids ran around the FOP and the station causing chaos, but we were the kids of the station for a while and that meant something. 

Ryne and Alecia met in college. They had two beautiful kids, Ryne Jr. and Riley. They had created such a beautiful life for one another and the last thing to do was give Alecia the official Siebemark name. We’d all been waiting….a long, long, long, long, time… you get it. 

Ryne had planned the ultimate surprise for when Alecia saw him. He’d cut his long brown locks into a slick, very handsome cut. He shaved his beard/stash/whatever we called that and man oh man, did he surprise his bride. Alecia’s jaw dropped. As they stood in front of all their friends and family, they locked eyes and read vows of commitment, love, trust, and faith. They laughed at memories and cried tears of happiness with great company. A kiss sealed the deal and the cheers roared through the crowd. They were finally Ryne and Alecia Siebenmark! 

The Siebenmark’s and their bridal party didn’t disappoint during their time out for pictures, they were the first bridal party that insisted on having images of both the groomsmen and bride and bridesmaid with the groom. The laughter echoed into the venue from outdoors, only to have the noise levels grow upon introductions of the bridal party. Ryne and Alecia took it all in, celebrated with all the people they love the most in the world, and ended the night beginning their newest chapter. One that I honestly can’t wait to witness.

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