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My Cinderella Story

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

A first date is meant to be the start of a story correct? I still look back at ours and laugh and we joke that it should have been a sign of things to come. However, I think we both look at our first date as an example of what we've overcome and we use the love and laughter from that evening as a guide, refresher, and reminder that fairy tales are indeed real as long as you continue to follow your heart.

At the time ( November 2009) I was living in my hometown of St.Joseph, Michigan, while David resided on Lake front Chicago just a few blocks from Wrigley Field. My anxiety had caused me to be insanely early for our Millennium Park Grill burger date so I stood outside one of the white pillars next to the Ice Skating rink. It was a Windless (odd for the "windy city") , 55 degree, gorgeous fall night. When David called I was still holding down my pillar ( he may have been a bit late) and he was in search of me... I jokingly told him I was on the bench outside the restaurant in a hot pink hat....She may have been about 50 years my elder, but I thought it was funny to watch him look. We ate at the Park Grille and have never been back since, the food was amazing but the burger was far from the best in the city. When we later got engaged next to my pillar we chose to celebrate a few blocks down Michigan Ave at a favorite restaurant of ours called Sweetwater.

After we got the goat cheese taste out of our mouths we walked to my car so I could leave my purse. We were attending a bulls game and I don't like taking purses into sporting events. We grabbed a cab and left for the united center. In route I asked David if he could hold onto my car keys, a task I thought was pretty simple. Once David slammed the door of the cab he instantly took off running after it. I stood there, clueless and trying not to laugh, until he came back and said "I left your keys in that cab".

We laughed so much that night that my cheeks hurt and when I went back home (via train the following day) I knew we had something special. 10 years later, we still do.

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