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Mr + Mrs Thompson

I've had many people ask if I knew Isabelle and Nick before they hired me... the answer is no, I didn't. I simply came to adore them after we all met because they remind me a lot of my husband and I. They joked with one another, they laughed in sync, and you could tell instantly they both had hearts made of gold.

Fast forward to their wedding day.... Isabelle calm as a cucumber and Nick joking around and laughing with family and friends. They were both at ease knowing they'd soon be husband and wife. The details of their wedding were classic, vintage, and yet simple. Golds, navy filled the room along with eucalyptus greenery ( done by the amazing Two Sisters Events and Florals). Hotel Baker's charm gave off a romantic ambiance for all to share in.

When I asked Nick before the ceremony if he was nervous he looked up with a large smile and said "not at all". I had to hold back tears as I shot Nick and Isabelle seeing one another for the first time.... They locked eyes and both grew these large smiles. Isabelle was stunning in her gown and my favorite piece of her attire was her cleopatra hairpiece. These two beautiful souls danced the night away with their loving families and took in each moment of the day.

It's not often in this business that you meet couples who genuinely treat you as family on their wedding day but these two did and I'll forever hold them close to my heart.


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