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From the first moment you hold your child, the bond is established and you're now, a mother. Being a mom is the greatest gift the lord could give us. To create this beautiful being that we get to nurture, educate, share, and love... it truly is a blessing. In my profession, I get to see mothers shine in different ways. I always leave my sessions with admiration for my fellow moms. While being a mama is beautiful, it's also messy. I mean messy as, not every moment is perfect, not every moment goes according to plan. And every child isn't cut from the same cookie cutter, they each have their own special one with god's special plan for each of them. For those messy moments, god instilled grace in each of us moms.

I catch so many of those graceful moments behind the camera, and they fill my heart.

So, next time you're preparing for your photo session, remember to add some grace to your morning coffee(or tea) and remember, you've got this! ❤️

Jordyn + Oliver

It's hard to put into words how much these two mean to me. If you're new to AGS social media, meet Jordyn, she's the girl at my side most weddings, behind the camera, and most likely the one helping fluff your dress or hide your groom. She's a friend and fellow mom too. Oliver is 17 months and is a miniature mom/dad combo. He's joy and love all bundled into one. Jor is an incredible mom, as I knew she would be, she's been an ultimate fur mom for 9 years. She radiates pure happiness every moment she's with Ollie. He's truly blessed god chose Jordyn to be his mama!

Happy Mother's Days ladies!

Much love, Xx, arleigh

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