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Hi I'm Arleigh

Meet Arleigh.

My passion has always been to help people achieve their dreams.

HEY LOVES! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Arleigh, the girl behind the camera and the one making your love stories come to life. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic so it’s no wonder I ended up capturing peoples love with a camera. Being a wedding and lifestyle photographer is the best job ever! I love going on adventures and traveling. I’ll trade experiences for nice things any day. I’m all about making memories with the people I love the most!

Photographer and Owner of Alivia Gray Studios

I wasn't always a wedding photographer

I grew up with a love of all creative works of art. Growing up in Saint Joe, Michigan gave me the perfect canvas for my photography(and so much more). My dad enjoys photography and taught me as I grew, I think I always knew photography would be my absolute favorite thing to do in life (next to hanging with my husband and kiddos). I enjoyed doing hair as I grew up also, then makeup entered my life. Best day ever! So I went to cosmetology school. I taught and directed early childhood for a long time, I adore kids and there's something special about watching kids grow. It reminds you of all the different stages we're at in life. When I had my daughter I went back to photography part-time and ran my online clothing and craft store on Etsy. I've never been one to not work and photography allowed me to be home raising our daughter and son while sharing in so many couples amazing new adventures. 

There’s nothing more important to me than my people. Therefore my memories with them are so important. I’ve found that memories are best remembered through stories and my favorite thing is to bring stories to life through photography. You deserve to have your memories captured for you so they are never, ever forgotten.

 Know that each love story is incredibly special, and different and unique. So each film and photo is too. I match the vibe of your day to the vibe of your story. I’ll incorporate your personalities, your love and so much more into your photos or one freaking incredible film that will perfectly represent you two. Anything short of that would be a disservice to your love story. That being said all packages are customized to your wants and needs. I’ll work with you to make sure you get everything you want and need for your love story!


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